Air Water System

AWS Water Supply

Application of Gas Heat Pump AISIN production SEIKO CO LTD TOYOTA group it is also possible through the power of indoor water using internal exchanger refrigerant R410A / water AWS [ Air Water System ]  YOSHI. The powers of these devices are adapted to the range of external units produced and are, respectively, taking into account the loss of exchangers:

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Here is an example of connecting external units wide exchange TWIN station AWS (*):

twin yoshi

and a drawing showing the room with AWS exchangers (*):


YOSHI AWS exchangers produced modulate power Thermo Manager master controller has the capability of controlling all system components (circulation pumps, circulation, three-way valves, programmers weekly, etc.). You can also create your own heating and cooling curves, change the mode from cooling to heating is automatic. All Air Water System  exchangers have the ability to derive all the operating parameters of the rail network MOD-BUS.

Completely separate circuit from third party entities supporting the flow of hot water WKIT that receives heat unused combustion engine and an additional heat exchanger. This circuit filled with a mix of 40% glycol exchanger in the tank supplies the cw parameter 60 ° C / 55 ° C. This process takes place automatically according to the following scheme (*):

Summarized in the table are the maximum forces released to support the production of domestic hot water produced by different models:

Model GHP        8HP        10HP      13HP      16HP      20HP      25HP
 WKIT    [ kW ]          8,0         10,0       13,0      16,0      20,0      25,0

Use all opportunities Gas Heat Pump AISIN production of the Toyota group very lowers operating costs of air conditioning and hot water production, it also gives the designer the possibility of building energy normative regulations redress the current and future years.