Nibe heat pumps



Already 40 years NIBE-BIAWAR Sp. z o.o provides comfortable use of hot water to millions of people in Poland and abroad. Since 2000, the Company’s major shareholder is the Swedish company NIBE AB – one of the largest manufacturers of heat pumps in Europe. NIBE heat pump brand joined the wide range of NIBE-BIAWAR in 2002. Shortly after NIBE-BIAWAR was the leader in sales of heat pumps in Poland and maintained this position until today!  Why NIBE heat pumps are among the most popular devices among the other brands available in Poland? First of all, because of the concern NIBE no longer speak of a 75% reduction in energy consumption, but about 80% of the savings that can be achieved by installing a heat pump NIBE latest generation. To achieve and maintain a leadership position undoubtedly affects a wide range of equipment and accessories for ever higher efficiency and quality, as well as a comprehensive service and technical support in the field of selection of equipment to individual customer needs, an extensive network of authorized installers and service base stable.

We offer a full range of heat pumps manufactured by NIBE-BIAWAR of profitability analysis done free of charge and adaptation of existing plant in order to reduce investment costs. Each building, including any installation needs an individual approach to determine the optimal economic and technical solutions so as to benefit from the operation of the heat pump was the greatest.

If you already have a fairly large charges for gas, oil or electricity to contact us using the contact sheet or by phone. We will prepare for you the best solution, of course, free of charge and with no obligation. We operate throughout the Poland.