Microcogenerator MCHP


Microgeneration is currently one of the most effective methods of producing heat and electricity from fossil fuels.
Microcogenerator MCHP  AISIN  produces both electricity and heat at the user, that is, without loss of transmission energy using pure gas (natural gas or LPG).
Specially designed endothermic engine, produced based on the experience of Toyota, drives a synchronous generator, which can generate up to 6 kW of electricity and also, at the same time modern technology allows heat recovery power of 11.7 kW, available for the production of hot water temperature of 65 ° C (for household purposes, generally for heating, pool heating, etc).


Designed in order to minimize losses, AISIN micro system converts almost all input energy into electricity and heat. Its overall yield is 85%, thus natural gas or LPG is used in a very high degree.
Cost reduction: the principle allows for cogeneration of heat by the same mechanism that generates electricity and, consequently, the use of two sources of energy for the price of one.
Reliability specially designed endothermic engine Toyota has a positive impact on operating costs. More than 40,000 hours of work achieved with minimal costs periodic reviews of replacing the filters and spark plugs co10.000 hours and the total oil change every 30,000 hours.


At the age-old problem of pollution is responsible MCHP good news for the environment: 40% reduction in CO2 emissions in relation to the standard production of electricity and heat separately.

The widespread use of Aisin mikrokogeneratorów would make the construction of nuclear power plants would be unnecessary while solving the problem of the emission of toxic substances into the atmosphere.


The main strength MCHP AISIN is extreme flexibility. Two modes allow you to adjust the equipment to every need. In addition, its integration with other systems save energy (photovoltaic power plants and solar installations) is always possible.

Modulating the power

When in this mode, the system MCHP AISIN produces electricity, the power supplied via the inverter is adequate to the needs of the user at a time in the range of 0.3 kW to 6.0 kW.
The heat recovered, also adapted to the current demand, is transferred to the storage tank heating system.

Control of heat

In this mode, the system AISIN produces its maximum power (6 kW) and thermal (11.7kW) power operation is controlled by the heat demand of the building through a special thermostat is placed on a heat storage tank. Unused excess electricity is sent to an external power line through the measuring device in accordance with the signed agreement.


Management of electricity generated

AISIN MCHP is supported by advanced electronics, which simplifies the user interface and reduces maintenance requirements endothermic components. In fact, the generator and the inverter does not require any maintenance.

Electricity generated by the system is equal in quality compared to the parameters of the external mains supply. Security and control of parallel connections are guaranteed by the electrical equipment required by the Electricity Company and which are installed in the electrical panel attached to the product.

IGBT inverter technology provides maximum protection against fluctuations in voltage and frequency, harmful for each device.

The system can be integrated with a set of “anti-blackout” that allows MCHP AISIN operate even in the event of a power failure (mode modulated output only).

Management of heat produced.

AISIN cogeneration system produces thermal energy by recovering heat from the cooling system and engine exhaust. This heat is transferred to the water through high efficiency plate heat exchanger.

See data sheet PDF: MCHP