Gas Heat Pump



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Gas Heat Pump (GHP) increasingly gain the confidence of investors across Europe as well as in Poland. These devices are the most efficient on the air conditioners market, heat pump with gas engine both  natural or liquid propane LPG.

A characteristic feature of AISIN GHP TOYOTA GROUP compared to electric air conditioners it is widespread use them for extremely economical operation for heating in winter conditions. This is possible by recovering the normally wasted heat by the combustion engine (heat from the cooling system and the exhaust). Furthermore, the heat eliminates the occurrence of downtime due to defrost cycles, as well as is used to produce hot water.

AISIN GHP installed in the construction industry supports the whole heat and cooling.

♦ cooling and  heating using indoor units

♦ thermal treatment of ventilation air ducts and air handling units.

♦ support for domestic hot water production.

Plants powered by GHP work in standard VRV (variable refrigerant flow working). Operational savings with the use of GHP AISIN far outweigh gas boilers and air conditioning systems powered by electric motors. In proportion to the smaller amount of gas consumed is less CO2 emissions. The minimal use a “dirty energy” electricity. GHP AISIN are inscribed on the list of the Carbon Trust as a device to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Gas heat pumps use clean, inexpensive and environmentally friendly fuel. Also they use refrigerant   R410A which doesn’t couse ozone destruction. Using gas saves energy and reduces the running costs, which is particularly important for environmental protection and for the pocket. AISIN GHP is a highly effective and simple to install system with full availability of internal devices. The existing piping system can be used interchangeably for the new gas heat pump. This system is ideal for providing thermal comfort in residential buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals and industrial buildings.




ATMOPOMIAR Sp. z o. o.

Authorized Distributor in Poland for AISIN GHP


 for the following regions:

Zachodnio-Pomorskie, Pomorskie,Warmińsko-Mazurskie,Podlaskie,Lubuskie,Wielkopolskie,

Kujawsko-Pomorskie,Mazowieckie,Łódzkie,Dolnośląskie Voivodeships