We operate in the field of energy saving.

1.We provide free analysis of the profitability of our solutions, we design energy efficient installations or give support investor designers .

2.We develop applications for funding in accordance with the requirements of National or Regional Funds for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

3.We perform installations of in-house or offer technical support to installation companies.

4.We  start up the new installations and warranty on behalf of the manufacturer.

5.We provide service directly to the plants installed in the warranty period and beyond warranty.

6.We conduct training objective certification service for  installation companies.

Uczestnicy kursu w Loreto 17.10.13                     SEMINARIUM1SEMINARIUM                     SAMSUNG

Loreto : training course GHP E1, Warsaw hotel Ursynów : conference for installer companies, Rzeszów : conference in Podkarpacka Agencja Energetyczna.


We distribute energy-saving equipment companies : AISIN, NIBE, ZNSHINE, GROWATT including spare parts and consumables.