Warranty and service


Validity of the legal waranty :

Two years (24 months), as from the delivery date to the user of the GHP – Gas Heat Pump. Evidence of such date is the fiscal purchase document (invoice, document of transport, etc.)

The legal warranty covers only flaws and/or malfunctions due to manufacturing defects of the AISIN GHP. In case that, during the following two years from the purchase of the GHP AISIN flaws and / or malfunctions are encountered due to manufacturing defects, Tecnocasa will analyse and judge the problem and possibly provide to repair the defect component or to substitute it or to the substitution of the AISIN GHP , which ever is, at Tecnocasa?s discretion, the most convenient and ideal solution.
The legal warranty does not cover repair or substitution of the components that were damaged due to: incorrect installation and / or maintenance or repairs made by non
authorised personnel, connection to wrong voltage and / or tension of the grid and / or gas type, inadequate refrigerant and /or electric or water installation, non compliance to
the running and ordinary maintenance instructions, careless and negligence of the user, atmospheric and natural events(lightings, floods, fire, earth quakes, etc), tampering
and/or breaking during transport, vandalism acts, normal wear and tear.

Legal warranty can be extended for an additional fee up to five years or 10 000 hours (whichever comes first). Extended warranty  requires separately purchased service contract with ASO and perform annual maintenance. The minutes of these reviews together with the recorded data of AISIN diagnostic software must be submitted to the TECNOCASA Srl technical department .


Service of AISIN units   can make glass companies (ASO), which have been accredited by the European Exclusive Distributor of AISIN devices – TECNOCASA. Such companies in Poland a few dozen.
Installation companies performing for the first time using the GHP  AISIN systems  benefit from technical support ATMOPOMIAR . Starting up the installation  must be done also by ATMOPOMIAR . Installation company to be accredited to service the  AISIN units, should take two days  training course in the TECNOCASA laboratory  in Loreto , Italy and pass  successfully exams. Training is free of charge, at the expense of companies is travel and accommodation at the hotel.